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WSI Launches Social Media Campaign on Facebook

Wordtext Systems, Inc., the oldest IT distributor in the Philippines, has launched a 50-day campaign on Facebook which highlights their products through a unique and vibrant marketing. WSI has initiated this strategy to engage customers with a fresh and innovative approach, appealing to a more creative audience. The posts had started this September and will continue on until mid-October.

The campaign delivers an artistic approach with its minimalistic style which is a unique take on its products – a style which is far from a formal and technical method of advertising in the IT industry. Each poster emphasizes a specific feature of the products, unlike the usual direct marketing approach which puts the product in the spotlight and fills-in technical terms as a way to engage the consumers. The style is captivating and definitely eye-catching among the more social media-engaged consumers with its tonal uniformity and visuals prevalent to modern marketing strategies.

The simplified-yet-indirect selling of the products’ high-points blends well with the corporate guidelines of each brand. The campaign also highlights the brand values of the products, reflecting their individual advocacies such as environmental responsibility and their own brand standing. All products are equally given their own distinctive take on how they can be advertised through a style of marketing with a twist unique to their own branding.

WSI continues its mission on being the best IT distributor in the Philippines with their effective marketing, increasing the viability of sales through consumer engagement. The company innovates their social media presence as a way of garnering more attention towards their products by giving attention to detail and depth in meaning of each post. Each campaign also conveys advocacies which reflect the local socio-political climate without sacrificing the core values of the products. This strategy aims to develop the brand of WSI into having a more customer-centered way of promotion by being updated with the latest trends.