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YouTube videos featuring children and video games found to be most successful

While there are varieties of videos uploaded on YouTube, a study found that videos featuring children and those that are aimed for children, as well as content about video games were among the most viewed in the platform among 37,079 videos included in the analysis.

According to a study by Pew Research Center, despite its small share of the of English-language videos posted by popular YouTube channels in the first week of 2019, content children’s videos received more views with an average of 153,227 views (median of 17,540), compared with an average of 99,713 views (14,187 median) for other videos.

Channels featuring children’s videos also had more subscribers with an average of 1.9 million (872,188 median) as compared to 1.2 million (586,588 median) among channels that did not post a video aimed at children

“Children’s videos tended to be longer, received more views, and came from channels with a greater number of subscribers relative to content aimed at a general (teen or adult) audience,” the study stated.

This is despite YouTube’s requirement about users’ age which must be over 13 years old.

Meanwhile, videos about video games are among the most common content and are also among the most viewed and lengthiest.

According to the study, content featuring video games received an average of 122,195 views, compared with 97,343 for other types of videos.

The study also found that the least common topic in videos was politics, which only comprised 4 percent of all the videos posted by popular channels.

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