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Lenovo delivers exceptional display with new ThinkVision monitors

The screen of the portable ThinkVision M14, on the other hand, has a tilt angle of -5° to 90° for interactivity. When it is used as an extension of the workplace, users can easily compare content between the monitor and other devices with its ergonomic height adjustable foot, which has a tilt angle of 0°-90°. This makes collaboration with peers and presentations to clients easier and hassle-free as it removes the need for people to move or huddle together to get a good view of the screen.

Seamless connectivity and compatibility are assured with the ThinkVision S22e and S24e as both displays have VGA and HDMI ports, which allow connection to other devices. Moreover, both have a quick-release tilt stand and VESA mount, allowing users to position the monitor in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Meanwhile, the ThinkVision M14 has two USB Type-C ports on either side, which allows it to effortlessly connect to other devices, smartphones included. The ports can also act as a power source through its “power pass through” design that allows them to charge connected devices while simultaneously powering the monitor. This can be helpful during long meetings and presentations for laptops that may need more power but are unable to be charged. In addition, its light weight of only 1.3 pounds makes the ThinkVision M14 the perfect accessory for mobile professionals like consultants and sales representatives.

Work, however, can last throughout the night, which can be straining to the user’s eyes. For eye comfort, the three ThinkVision displays are all integrated with blue light technology to prevent eye strain while doing work at night or in low-light conditions. This assures users of vibrant colors on a bright screen in relative comfort for long periods.

Combining rich visual experience and connectivity options for work, the new Lenovo ThinkVision displays can enhance productivity as they provide not only excellent graphics quality but also more flexibility through their ergonomic design and near-universal connectivity, making them a must-have in every office or profession.

The ThinkVision S22e is available for PHP 5,800, while the ThinkVision S24e and ThinkVision M14 are priced at PHP 7,100 and PHP 13,900, respectively. All three monitors are available in Lenovo authorized resellers in the Philippines. For more information about Lenovo’s ThinkVision displays, visit and