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PRINT-INNOVATION: Technology and Innovation in Printing Solutions

Now, when it comes to receipts and proofs-of-purchase that we get once we are done shopping or eating in the local shops and malls, Star Micronics has a great impression and is a known and respected brand across the world. It invokes eco-friendly practices as an essential part of its operations. This company offers different types of receipt printers such as thermal, DOT matrix, mobile, kiosk, and hybrid. But wait, there’s more! These are no ordinary printers; it supports other types of connections and interface such as USB, LAN, Bluetooth, and many more. Star offers different variations for different client and customer needs; adapting flexibly in a very fast-paced environment.

And for the last one, Dascom is also a known name when it comes to business printers. They offer you printers for continuous and cut forms, as well as for passbooks. It can handle a wide variety of media and automatically detects the edge with the ability to align the forms and passbooks. Imagine a printer that avoids paper jams and automatically corrects the alignment for you – it surely eases your job. Also, it supports several types of interface such as Ethernet, parallel, and USB. This is why their business printers are perfect fit in business needs and is trusted compared to its competitors.

Printing innovation is truly fascinating – from just an imagination during the past decades, we humans are using them now as part of our everyday life. This only proves that everything that we print is a documentation and an evidence on how far we have gone and achieved through the years.

Wordtext Systems Inc., an IT distributor in the Philippines, offers a wide range of printing solutions such as Printronix, Star, and Dascom. For more inquiries, contact them at (+63 2) 858-5555 or visit their website at