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HP Neverstop laser printers boast of world’s first toner tank, self-reload toner kit

All entrepreneurs want to run their business as smooth as possible. They strive to avoid any glitches, no matter how small, that can drastically affect productivity and derail their overall work performance.

When it comes to budding and small-sized businesses, even a tiny setback in office procedures—such as printing important documents, reports and presentations—can surely have dire consequences for the team and the management.

And with office machines, such as laser printers that rely on a continuous supply of toners, interruptions in printing could mean missed deadlines and lost opportunities.

Now, all that is about to change as HP, the World’s #1 Printer Company, introduces the world’s first toner tank with the HP Neverstop Laser printer series.

Minimize interruptions
The all-new printers are equipped with a revolutionary toner tank that can easily be reloaded using a 15-second mess-free self-reload toner kit. In just three easy steps—shake, plunge, print—and within just a quarter of a minute, users can conveniently refill and restore toner levels, to keep up with the demands of high-volume, high-quality printing.

With a pre-loaded toner tank, the Neverstop printers can truly minimize interruptions as they can readily print 5,000 pages at 21 ppm, straight out of the box, before requiring reload. That’s up to 3x more pages compared to in-class HP laser printers!

High volume, low-cost printing
HP’s toner tank design also enables users to save as much as 85% on costs compared to traditional HP toner cartridges. At only P1,250, the self-reload toner kit can produce 5,000 pages of high-quality print outs of sharp text and bold blacks, for an equivalent of just 25 centavos per page.

Reliable multifunctionality
Aside from minimizing costly interruptions, the HP Neverstop Laser also boasts of scanning and copying capabilities, which users can access from their mobile devices, thanks to the HP Smart app.

With the app, users can print documents and pictures from their smartphones, from the cloud, or from virtually anywhere, to the HP Neverstop Laser. They can also scan documents using their smartphone and share these through email or the cloud, or print it with Neverstop. They can also connect their smartphones or tablets directly to the printer for easy printing without accessing a network.

So, go ahead. Get the HP Neverstop Laser printers with the revolutionary toner tank that won’t let your business suffer a printing hiccup. The HP Neverstop Laser 1200w (P15,290), Laser 1200a (P14,790), Laser 1000w (P13,790), and Laser 1000a (P13,290) printers are available at authorized HP reseller stores nationwide.

HP revolutionizes high-quality, high-volume laser printing with HP Neverstop printers that boast of toner tank technology that can easily be reloaded using a 15-second mess-free self-reload toner kit.

With HP Neverstop laser printers, users will need just 15 seconds to refill the world’s first toner tank system, using a mess-free self-reload toner kit.