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“123456” is the most common password in 2016, says security firm

Keeper Security revealed the most common passwords in 2016 and it found that most users are still using short and terrible passwords.

By analyzing 10 million passwords that were exposed through data breaches in 2016, the firm found that the most popular password is “123456,” which was used by 17 percent of accounts. The said password was followed by “123456789,” “qwerty,” “12345678,” and “111111” at the top of the list.

Keeper Security notes that seven of the top 15 passwords are six characters or shorter, making them highly susceptible to “brute-force cracking software and hardware” that can unscramble passwords in seconds.

Unpredictable passwords like “1q2w3e4r” and “123qwe,” which were included in Keeper’s list, doesn’t help as well as the firm said that it would only set back password hackers for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, popular random passwords like “18atcskd2w” and “3rjs1la7qe were seemed to be created by bots that were also responsible for setting up dummy email accounts for phishing attacks.

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