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80 percent of businesses are set to monitor their employees by 2020

80 percent of over 200 corporations said that they will be monitoring their employees by the year 2020 according to a new survey.

In a report by Fox News, Kurt ‘The CyberGuy’ Knutsson mentioned how employers are looking on how they could monitor employees at work, including using surveillance security cameras and tapping on corporate issued laptops and phones.

Knutsson said: “It belongs to them and they have every right to do that. Even if you’re not at work, it’s still their device and they have permission to do that.”

“They wanna monitor your facial expression. Why would they wanna know that? They wanna know if you’re frustrated at work, if you’re happy at work, or you know, anything like that.”

Knutsson also said that employers have right to access anything employees have recorded on their device such as photos, videos, and conversations, and emails.

He then showed how employees can find out if their employers are accessing their device by going to the phone’s Settings where they can see if it is being supervised by the company.

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