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A clip-on fan that can keep your armpits cool

During hot days, one of our biggest problems is keeping our armpits dry. With this in mind, a Japanese company invented something that may serve as an answer to our issues.

Meet the Thanko Electric Armpit Clip-on Cooler Fan. It is a 30-gram clip-on fan that can be attached to the shirt’s short sleeve or the front buttons. It’s main function is to keep armpits or other perspiration-prone areas dry by blowing cool air.

You can use this long enough on a hot summer day as it can last between 5 to 9 hours. The device can be charged by using a USB-based power bank.

Japan has previously released other quirky fan-related stuffs like an air-conditioned shirt in 2008 and the necktie fan in 2007.

The Thanko Armpit Fan is priced at 3,800 yen or around $35.

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