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A device that tells your boss if you’re happy or not

At first glance it looked like an ordinary wristband but it can only help companies monitor their workers mood – whether they are happy or not. Given the pandemic situation, many workers are working from home – and being able to determine and monitor their emotions is quite important.

Introducing Moodbeam, a revolutionary wearable device focused on capturing and making sense of mood. It allows for better understanding of how people feel, creates more meaningful conversations with those we care about and helps us lead happier lives.

How does it work?

– Log how you’re feeling with a simple button press whenever you feel a strong change in mood. Press yellow when you’re feeling happy, blue when you’re feeling unhappy.

– Connect to the Moodbeam App to instantly sync your mood, ready to be viewed whenever it suits you.

– Understand more about your moods by identifying patterns and trends, create a mood diary, connect with those you care about most and learn how activity and sleep affects how you feel.

According to the company, knowing how one is feeling at any one time can be powerful, especially when set against the backdrop of work, rest and play.

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