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In a world where computers and video gaming systems have an ever- increasing presence, it is sometimes hard to divert the children from their monitors and sets. WIth the many things one can do online, reading is definitely not the priority for most kids nowadays. That is why, was created.

The site was created to motivate kids to read. Students can read books, take quizzes on them, and earn points for correct answers on the quizzes. Kids can redeem accumulated points for prizes. There is a database of quizzes on more than 3,000 popular children’s titles. Using Book Finder, readers can search the titles by author, title, grade level, or interests. Book Finder will then create a reading list that can be printed and used at the library.

After reading a book, children go to Quiz-O-Matic to take the corresponding quiz. Quizzes have from five to ten questions, depending on grade level. Teachers or parents can register their children and select literature at the appropriate grade level. There is also a mechanism for keeping track of children’s scores and points earned. Teachers or parents can generate reports. Put this safe, child friendly site for improving reading comprehension at the top of your list.

The site is subdivided into sections that cater for all the involved parties in the learning process, to wit: “Kids Zone”, “Parents Place”, and “Teacher Lounge”. Teachers can request guides for integrating the program into their classrooms. Visit and start reading. Have Fun!

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