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Apple emerges as top brand in global wearables market

Giant tech brand Apple has once again hit the top spot in the global wearables market during the first quarter of 2018.

According to a report by, Apple made four million shipments during the recent quarter which contributed to the total wearable device worldwide shipments of 25.1 million units.

The shipment of Apple Watch, according to the latest report by IDC, grew by 13.5% as the cellular connected Watch was launched in additional markets, increasing its share from 14.3% in 1Q17 to 16.1% in 1Q18.

Chinese company Xiaomi followed Apple on the list with 14.8% share but “was only able to was only able to capture a paltry 1.8% of the dollar value of the market during the quarter” because of its lowest average selling price (ASP) among 5 companies topping the list.

Other brands that made it to the list are Fitbit which ranked third, Huawei in the fourth spot, and Garmin that landed in the 5th spot with 5% share.

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