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Intel to introduce laptop with battery life up to 28 hours

Intel might just give an answer to consumers’ complains about their device’s battery as the giant tech company announced that it is planning to introduce a laptop that has a lasting battery life for up to 28 hours.

According to a report by, Intel is set to release a laptop that could run for 28 hours on a single charge through an LCD panel that only consumes one watt of power.

Intel’s cloud computing group vice president Gregory Bryant said that the all-day battery life will be achieved through the Intel Low Power Display Technology.

“The display consumes the most battery in a device, and one way we’re working to enable all-day battery life is by co-engineering the new Intel Low Power Display Technology, featured in a one watt panel manufactured by Sharp and Innolux, which can cut LCD power consumption by half,” Bryant said.

Intel exhibited a Dell XPS 13 with the new display panel that lasted 25 hours, just three hours short from the total battery life Intel claimed.

According to the company, 28-hour battery can be achieved if the brightness setting is set to 150 nits which is dimmer than the normal brightness, and when headphones are used instead of the laptop’s speakers.

Though there is no guarantee that the laptop will last for the whole 28 hours, the battery life will surely be better than that of other laptops which usually last for only half a day or less.

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