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Apple lacks billionaire employees despite being the richest company in the world

Apple has been hailed as the most valuable company in the world with its market capitalization worth $879 billion.

But despite earning the highest value among the rest, it seems like the giant company is lacking billionaire employees as chairman Art Levinson is the only one who has made it to Bloomberg Billionaires index’s 500 richest people in the world with “his Apple stock accounts for just 20 percent of his $1 billion fortune.”

In a report by, Levinson earned most of his money from working as Genentech Inc. CEO and Chairman and from his early stake in Google.

Apple CEO Tim Cook meanwhile has a fortune standing of $600 million with a $3 million salary, a $6 million target bonus, and a $376 million restricted stock grant which is his major source of compensation which he received after taking over Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011.

Jobs who was a billionaire made most of his money as a co-founder of Pixar Animation and its sale to Disney, and held 15 percent stake in Apple in 1980 during its IPO but sold his shares for $100 million after departing the company 5 years later.

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