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Researchers produce AI which automatically animates ‘Flintstones’ cartoons from text

“The Flintstones” has been one of the most loved cartoons over the years and to make it easier to animate, researchers created an AI system that automatically produces scenes from text descriptions.

In a report by, the AI system called Craft can recognize elements from the cartoon with more than 25,000 three-second clips provided that have text descriptions about the characters and elements present in the scene.

The AI would only need few lines from the text to stitch the characters together with the background and props.

Though the Craft has occasional glitches, it could be considered as a step up in the animation scene once developed in order to make things easier and faster and would come in handy for artists and animators.

To further understand how the AI works, watch this video:

(Photo source: Youtube – Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) )