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Apple Watch’s fall detection feature saves life of 67-year-old man

Tech company Apple might have introduced cool and interesting features with its gadgets but one feature that a 67-year-old Norwegian man could be most thankful for is the Apple Watch’s fall detection which saved his life.

According to a report by, Toralv Østvang was found by Norwegian emergency authorities “bloody and unconscious” on his bathroom floor after being alerted by the Apple Watch’s fall detection feature.

Østvang’s daughter believes that her dad fainted and fell to the bathroom floor, causing three fractures on his face which may have gone worse if not for the Apple Watch’s feature.

The fall detection feature works if the wearer falls which the device could detect. The watch would then ask the wearer if he is fine and if it gets no response within a minute, the fall detection feature automatically calls emergency services and sends a message sharing the wearer’s location.

The feature is set to default for users who are 65 years old and over but it can also be activated by younger users by going to the Watch app on their iPhone, select Emergency SOS, and toggle the fall detection slider.

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