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Beltone Revolutionizes Hearing Aids in the Philippine Market

Beltone, in partnership with Wordtext System Inc. (WSI), launched a successful event last November 13, 2018 at the Dusit Thani Hotel Makati, entitled “Philippines: Hear the Beltone Way” which was attended by different medical and hearing institutions.

The event was brought by GN Hearing, the company which acquired the Beltone brand, through WSI with the goal to introduce Beltone’s latest product offerings and innovations in the market. Different delegates all over the country were invited to witness the groundbreaking quality of the brand.

The event was opened by Mr. William Chua, Vice Chairman of WSI, with an opening remark that highlights the vision of making quality hearing aids and solutions to be accessible and affordable to more Filipinos. Mr. Chua also encouraged and empowered ENTs and audiologists to be resellers – especially in the provinces – to help and reach more people.

Mr. Chidam Chellappan, Regional Sales Manager of GN Hearing, discussed GN and Beltone Brands where he highlighted the strengths and features of their products. He also stated, “It is Beltone’s belief that no individual should be denied the possibility of an improved life with better hearing.”

The next speaker was Mr. Naresh Durisala, International Audiologist and Product Trainer for GN Hearing, who had a bountiful presentation about the latest innovations on the products and other technological advances of the Beltone brand. Mr. Durisala emphasized Beltone’s technology as well as their product portfolio. Mr. Durisala also facilitated the product demo with Beltone Amaze & Remote Care.

Ms. Vivian Ho, Regional Marketing Manager of GN Hearing, talked about the marketing of Beltone as a brand and the Beltone Store Concept where she also expounded the guidelines and themes of their brand. Ms. Ho also discussed the tools and mediums they use to communicate the foundation of Beltone’s brand.