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BenQ 8,000 Lumens BlueCore Laser Projector with 1-chip DLP Technology Unleashes Unprecedented Performance

BenQ, the global No.1 DLP brand, recently unveiled LU9715 and LU9235, two headlining additions to its professional line of BlueCore laser light source projectors, featuring ultra-high brightness output of 8,000 and 6,000 ANSI lumens for large venues. Both projectors provide significantly improved color performance through a dual color wheel system, support for 360° and portrait installation, and 24/7 operation for expanded application opportunities. Both models are also compatible with a full selection of lenses for a wide range of installation possibilities.

“LU9715 and LU9235 are shining examples of BenQ’s continuing leadership in display technology,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “As the world’s most advanced projection system, we are proud of the BlueCore Laser Projectors’ capability to enable brand-new ways of visual communication.”

Long-lasting superior image quality. Featuring dual-array laser light sources, LU9715’s ultra-high 8,000 ANSI lumen brightness is guaranteed for 20,000 hours of perfect performance. To harness the high output of BlueCore laser light, BenQ Laser Projectors employ dual color wheel that produce flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance, and fidelity. Combined with DLP technology, the LU9715 and LU9235 achieve color accuracy that never degrades over time.