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Boost fun and focus with the Moto G family

The feature-packed Moto G4 family enhances millennials’ digital lives.

Life in the fast lane entails juggling multiple activities at once. Recently, millennials need to balance work with a bustling social life full of parties, travel engagements, social media networking and hobbies. Oftentimes, they wear many hats: They are photographers, party planners, gamers and jetsetters.

Moto empowers millennials in accomplishing all their myriad goals, plans and activities. The trusty and stylish Moto G family, comprising the camera-phone-made-better Moto G4 Plus, the all-day high-performing Moto G Turbo and the fun-yet-affordable Moto G4 Play, complements the ever-busy life of the young generation.

Millennials can finally elevate their work and play experiences to a whole new level with Moto’s unique smart technology, designed to enhance digital experiences while embracing the passions of life.

Moto G4 Plus: A smarter way to take pictures

Those blurry photos from last night’s party will finally be a thing of the past. Packed with an impressive 16MP camera —Moto’s best-in-class offering — and intelligent features for taking stunning photos under any light condition, the Moto G4 Plus allows millennials to dance their photography woes away and capture priceless moments seamlessly. The wide-angle 5MP front camera can deliver stunning groufies and selfies that will surely make Facebook friends green with envy. The phone’s advanced imaging technology adjusts to any light through two additional auto-focus innovations, delivering clear colors and sharp details on a par with professional cameras.

The Moto G4 Plus also offers a smarter way to travel. With adjustable ISO levels, aperture openings and built-in LED flash settings, millennials can finally capture the perfect beach sunset with precision. Even better, they can leave their heavy and bulky professional cameras at home and travel lighter and enjoy their trips much more!