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A virtual simulator shows people what it’s like to die and be reborn


In China, people are not only given the chance to experience death, but also find out what it feels like to be cremated and reborn through a death simulator called ‘Xinglai’ in the hopes of teaching how to say goodbye.

This new attraction in Shanghai could offer the people a chance to virtually feel the ‘death’ experience. It is intended to stop people from being scared of the afterlife and help them come up with a different view with mortality.

The process usually begins by lying down on a giant conveyor belt which takes you to an ‘oven’ where you would ‘die’ and be ‘cremated’. Once ‘dead’ you’ll find yourself on a huge womb made of latex from which you are ‘reborn’ as you crawl out on your hands and knees.


Xinglai, which translates as “awaken” cost about $68 and it delivers a face-to-face interaction with one’s limited existence as participants discuss life and death scenario before deciding if they would put one of their fellow philosophers forward for ‘death’. Founder Ding Rui believes that this process could make someone forget their problems and rethink the beauty of the game of life, taking away some of that fear of the unknown.