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Canon renews Partnership with Pilipinas Dragons

Football is one of the most popular sports in nearly every country in the world, but since the hoops were introduced to the Philippines by the Americans, basketball has been the dominant game in the country. It was only a few years ago when football started getting more attention from Filipino sports fans, and Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. (Canon) is one of the first to support this development.

Last year, Canon partnered with Pilipinas Dragons, a group of young Football players coming from the top programs in the National Capital Region, including Xavier School, PAREF Southridge, La Salle Greenhills, and Ateneo De Manila High School. Coached by Ghanaian football champion Ayi Nii Aryee, Pilipinas Dragons works hard at reaching their goal of making the Philippines a great football nation. Canon and Pilipinas Dragons are renewing their partnership this year, and are even more committed to generating the best football talents in the history of the country.

Canon recognizes that sports is an excellent avenue to promote values formation, good sportsmanship, discipline, and the perseverance in achieving one’s dreams. It believes in the aspirations of the youth, and has a strong desire to take part in the formation of good, responsible citizens of the country.

Being the world leader in digital imaging technology, Canon makes use of its resources in capturing images from the playing field and behind the scenes. “Being the official imaging partner of the Pilipinas Dragons gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of this sport in the Philippines, and encourage the youth to engage in such worthwhile activities,” says Canon president and CEO Lim Kok Hin.

Giving football the nudge it needs to continue to influence and empower young athletes through photographs is a great start, and will surely go a long way. “There is something about well-taken and well-printed photographs that capture the public’s imagination and inspire them to do great things. Through the photographs and images captured and printed by Canon technologies, we hope to be able to generate excitement about this wonderful sport” says Pilipinas Dragons president Atty. Danilo Roleda.

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