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Cloud-based wristband could be a life-saver

In an emergency, time and knowledge are crucial in saving lives. Idol Memory announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign for WRIXO, a cloud-based wristband that allows users to securely store vital health information that is immediately accessible to emergency medical personnel.

WRIXO emergency wristband is a complete medical information management system that leverages NFC chip and QR code technology to allow emergency personnel to access personal medical information such as any health conditions, prescription medications, allergies, or if you require special care with just a tap.

In addition to medical condition and prescription medication information, users can upload other key information to the WRIXO cloud including personal information, emergency contact information, insurance information, blood type, list of allergies, pharmacy contact, their physicians’ contact information, and any medical notes. Users can also store and categorize records and images such as X-rays, MRIs or lab reports and results.

Users can also choose to have a specific medical condition printed on the band. WRIXO is the ideal solution for just about any medical emergency information needs.

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