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HP Smart App: Manage printing tasks even when you’re out of the office

Nowadays, with technology and the internet, most start-up entrepreneurs are practically running their micro- and small-sized businesses from their smartphones. These individuals take advantage of the cloud to store and access their files and use the latest apps to manage everyday tasks.

One app that entrepreneurs will find helpful in boosting productivity is the HP Smart App which, when paired with HP inkjet printers, can help them take on and manage various printing tasks even while they are out of the office.

With the HP Smart App, entrepreneurs can wirelessly print documents and photos from the cloud, social media, smartphone and other mobile devices. They can even scan on the go, print or share these scanned images with others, and even order supplies for their HP InkJet printers.

The HP inkjet printer is a compact and easy-to-set-up printer that is perfect for homes, home offices or small enterprises, especially when they are used with the HP Smart App, to ensure business efficiency and seamless operations.

Aside from wireless printing using the HP Smart App, emails or photographs from the smartphone can now be easily printed on HP Inkjet Printer using Wi-Fi. It takes only a few minutes to set up and connect to the printer.

HP Inkjet Printer offers exceptional print quality that there is no need for any reprinting, which makes it a cost-efficient home or office equipment. More than helping save on costs and generating savings, using the printer eliminates any paper or ink wastage, making for environment-friendly printing.

To know more about the HP Smart App and compatible HP InkJet printers, visit any authorized HP reseller nationwide.