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Computing everywhere with the multi-mode Yoga 300 and Yoga 500


Together with cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and smarter analytics, “Computing Everywhere” emerges as one of 2015’s top 10 strategic technology trends identified by Gartner. As mobile devices continue to proliferate, the emphasis will be more on serving the needs of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments. Lenovo, a global leader in providing innovative technology for people that never stand still, redefines the concept of mobile computing with the ultra-flexible Lenovo Yoga 300 and Lenovo Yoga 500 laptops featuring a 360 degree flip-and-fold design, built-in responsive software and impressive multimedia features.

According to Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines, “As a global technology leader, we stay ahead of the curve by taking note of trends, monitoring the pulse of what customers need, and pioneering cutting-edge innovations to answer those needs. The Yoga 300 and Yoga 500 have been designed to be the perfect on-the-go companion for the early embracers of the Computing Everywhere trend, and whose power-packed features make them ideal for today’s discerning users.”

Making headlines around the world after their launch in the first half of this year, Lenovo Yoga 300 and 500 embarked on a new adventure by having a unique 360 degree hinge that allows the touch screen to rotate full circle to assume the Tent, Laptop, Stand and Table modes. Unlike boring conventional laptop designs, these mega convertible units adapt to all computing needs, giving users the flexibility to use just one unit for different situations without cramping their style.

Students can easily shift from reading lecture notes in the ergonomic Tablet mode to doing project researches in Laptop mode. Young professionals can view the latest sales grid in Stand Mode then easily share presentations to clients in Tent mode. Family members can video chat while in a coffee shop using the Stand mode, then later conveniently read a novel while in the plane using the Tablet mode.

In today’s fast-paced world, it takes a lot to keep up with the requirements and demands of one’s bosses and clients. A gadget that can help office-based professionals as well as on-the-go entrepreneurs accomplish their duties has to have superb processing power and storage capacity. Both the 11-inch Lenovo Yoga 300 and 14- or 15-inch Lenovo Yoga 500 offer full Windows 10 computing experience. With the Lenovo Yoga 300’s 500GB storage and up to Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor, and the Lenovo Yoga 500’s storage that can go up to 1TB and up to Intel Core i7 processors, users can handle tasks with zero lag for blazing performance at work.

You don’t have to go outside the comforts of your home to have a grand cinematic experience or to listen to great music. The Lenovo Yoga 300’s HD and Yoga 500’s FHD 10-point multi-touch display, stereo speakers, and Dolby Home Theatre software make them perfect laptops to enjoy any multimedia content at home. From watching movies with the kids, to listening to music alone, or browsing pictures with the family, the Lenovo Yoga 300 and Yoga 500 laptops deliver compelling audio and visuals that will make your multimedia experience fulfilling anywhere, anytime.

The weight and size of these Yoga laptops are perfect for people who are always on the move. With the Lenovo Yoga 300 weighing just 1.4kg and the Lenovo Yoga 500 weighing 1.8kg, users can easily carry each of them from the conference room to a restaurant in style. The Lenovo Yoga 300 comes in black while the Lenovo Yoga 500 is available in black and red to match any bustling users’ different personalities and style.

Being always on-the-go means that our devices should always be charged and ready. The Lenovo Yoga 300 and 500 laptops can last up to 7 hours on non-stop use including watching, reading, and typing on full brightness. This gives “computing-everywhere” individuals all the time they need to create and present ideas, achieve goals, and transcend boundaries.

Pricing for Lenovo Yoga 300 and Lenovo Yoga 500 starts at Php22,995 and Php28,495, respectively. All products are available in Lenovo Exclusive Stores and Lenovo resellers nationwide.

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