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Counterfeit operations in Cebu raided by authorities


HP recently announced the seizure of about PhP 900,000.00 worth of counterfeit print cartridges and components by local authorities in Cebu, protecting customers from fraudulent products.

The authorities raided the office and warehouses of a counterfeiting operation and took legal actions. They seized hundreds of counterfeit toner cartridges, ink cartridges as well as counterfeit components. HP collaborated with local law enforcement to make this action possible.

HP engages in industry-leading anti-counterfeiting practices to combat the fraudulent manufacture, distribution and sale of counterfeit HP supplies. These raids have helped reduce the number of counterfeit cartridges that will affect customers’ high-quality printing experience.

“With counterfeit HP print cartridges, customers purchase what they often assume to be a genuine HP product, but they instead receive a cartridge that provides them with an inferior print experience.” said an HP spokesperson. “HP is committed to protect our customers and ensure they receive the right cartridge that prints in high quality when they choose Original HP print cartridges.”

HP adopts a proactive approach to help customers identify counterfeit print supplies. An Original HP print cartridge has a security label with unique features such as a QR code and a serial number that can be validated on HP’s website ( In addition, the HP Tamper Evident Label1 on HP LaserJet Toner cartridges responds to heat and water exposure as well as cuts or rips.