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CrossFit boycotts Facebook, Instagram

CrossFit, Inc., a branded fitness regimen, has left Facebook, Instagram , citing several points about their complaints against the networking company, including privacy and censorship issues.

In a statement released on CrossFit’s website, the fitness brand announced that it is quitting from the platform due to Facebook’s deletion of the Banting7DayMealPlan group “without warning or explanation.”

“Recently, Facebook deleted without warning or explanation the Banting7DayMealPlan user group. The group has 1.65 million users who post testimonials and other information regarding the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. While the site has subsequently been reinstated (also without warning or explanation), Facebook’s action should give any serious person reason to pause, especially those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion,” CrossFit said in its statement.

CrossFit also cited 8 complaints such as Facebook’s alleged collection and aggregation of user information shared with with state and federal authorities; Facebook’s alleged collaboration with “government security agencies on massive citizen surveillance programs such as PRISM”; and Facebook’s removal of user accounts “based on unknown criteria” among others.

Crossfit also accused Facebook of being “utopian socialists,” stating: “Facebook’s news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook’s utopian socialists while remaining vulnerable to misinformation campaigns designed to stir up violence and prejudice.”

The fitness brand also mentioned how Facebook allegedly contributed to the global chronic disease crisis by “acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests.”

CrossFit stated: “Facebook is acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests by deleting the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease.”

“In this, it follows the practices of Wikipedia and other private platforms that host public content but retain the ability to remove or silence—without the opportunity for real debate or appeal—information and perspectives outside a narrow scope of belief or thought. In this case, the approved perspective has resulted in the deaths of millions through preventable diseases. Facebook is thus complicit in the global chronic disease crisis,” CrossFit added.

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