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Dr. Mario World to roll out on Android and iOS in July

Nintendo is set to launch its new mobile game Dr. Mario World for Android and iOS devices this coming July 10.

In a video released by Nintendo on YouTube, the company shared how to play the mobile game which is closely similar to its classic Dr. Mario color-matching mechanics but instead of falling, the matched pills and virus will float upward.

Users can drag the pills onto the stage and line it to the virus with the same color. The remaining pieces can also be used to eliminate more virus. The pill could be rotated vertically or horizontally by tapping it.

Players will be given different skills, items, and power-ups for them to complete each stage.

Apart from Dr. Mario, other characters such as Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Bowser who have their own special skill will also be among the character options to be purchased through coins or diamonds.

Pre-order of the free-to-play Dr. Mario World is now available on google Play Store and Apple App Store.

(Photo source: YouTube – Nintendo Mobile)