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Epson Interactive Projector


Over the decades, Epson has introduced numerous products that have filled the technology vacuum, from the world’s first quartz watch, to revolutionary printers, to the first commercialized liquid crystal color television. In its drive to deliver outstanding visual experience for consumers, Epson also pioneered 3LCD technology, the mainstay of most modern projectors.

Never a company to rest on its laurels, Epson’s culture of innovation and technology development led the company to realize that while projected presentations using PowerPoint and other software play a huge role in everyday business life, there are more innovative ways to provide information, stimulate discussion and inspire action.

A key to Epson’s success lies in analyzing how the company’s products can improve to meet the needs of customers.

Tools for a better presentation

Managing the content of a presentation, using the software’s toolbox appropriately and developing effective presentation skills are clearly the responsibility of the individual presenter. But a common challenge is the use of traditional equipment and methods. An example of the traditional method is the “teacher-student, classroom-type approach”, which can be less conducive in achieving the action outcomes demanded by fast-paced organizations and businesses.

In today’s ideas-based economy, successful enterprises are those that operate with a collaborative, team-based organizational structure. In order to facilitate the innovative problem-solving and bold decision-making that keep such companies ahead of the pack, a new business presentation model is essential. Epson realized that the solution lies in using advanced projector technology to unleash the combined capabilities of the presenter and his/her audience, and transform the whole concept of business presentations. This solution is the interactive projector.

Simply put, interactive projectors create a participatory environment in which everyone is involved, making presentations more engaging and productive, and optimizing the value of the business outcome. The key feature is that the screen becomes a huge drawing board, letting participants use the Interactive Pen to freely handwrite comments and emphasize points directly onto the projection – which can be emailed or printed for instant dissemination or saved for editing. The higher pen accuracy and response speed make drawing as instant as writing with a normal marker pen.

Epson is the world’s top projector maker for 15 years in a row and the leader in interactive projectors. Their latest model even features finger-touch capabilities. In addition to using conventional interactive pens, the projector can be operated simply by touching the screen with a fingertip – including opening and closing files, scrolling through pages, moving and expanding objects and adding notes, with both hands and multiple interactive pens at the same time.