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Epson Interactive Projector

The benefit of this revolutionary approach is that it helps to break down the wall between presenter and audience. When multiple participants are given free rein to write simultaneously, the presentation comes back to life – a stimulating, collaborative and productive experience, increasing engagement and delivering improved business outcomes.

And as a further nod to the value of group collaboration, Epson’s latest interactive projector can wirelessly connect up to 50 devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets over a network, with a terminal serving as a moderator host PC. The group moderator can display content from up to four devices simultaneously onto the big screen to link participants together for side by side evaluation of presentations, making group discussions even more broad-based and insightful.

User friendly technology enhances the viewing experience

Epson’s interactive projectors have a host of advanced features that work behind the scenes to breathe color and life into every presentation, and make the viewing experience conducive and comfortable for everyone in the room.

Projector set-up is simply plug-and-play, with a one-time Auto Calibration* and Auto Resolution adjustment. An ultra-short throw ratio reduces glare on the presenter as well as shadow interference on the screen, and the projected screen size can be adjusted up to a 100-inch maximum to fit any meeting room size enabling you to easily share information on a big screen wherever you are. You can even project smartphone content wirelessly, from both iOS and Android devices.

Epson is well-known for its commitment to sustainability, and eco-friendly features are built in to their interactive projector range. The choice of materials – lead-free lenses, unpainted plastic housings, and chlorine/bromine free flame retardants – is designed to minimize environmental impact.

The projectors use just up to 0.44W of power in standby mode, and energy consumption is reduced, too, with the eco-friendly auto-brightness adjustment. The luminance sensor detects the brightness level of the environment and adjusts the projector’s brightness automatically, giving you power and cost savings. Frequent and costly lamp replacements are a thing of the past, also, with a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in eco-mode.

Whether the presentation is an internal report, a sales pitch or an industry conference keynote, participants invest valuable time in attending, and expectations of value are rightly high. Every presentation should be a key touchpoint, helping to move agendas, achieve sales or build partnerships.

Epson’s range of interactive projectors does more than merely advance the evolution of the humble office projector – they permit a revolutionary re-imagining of the traditional corporate presentation, increasing productivity, saving time and unleashing the participants’ creativity to solve problems and even formulate fresh directions for their business.