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Microsoft emerges as the third most valuable company leaving Google in the fourth spot

With a market cap of $749 billion, Microsoft climbed to the third spot as the most valuable company next to Apple and Amazon, leaving Alphabet, Google’s parent’s company in the fourth spot with $739 billion cap.

In a report by, Microsoft which is in constant market position trade with Google has grown likely due to the company, focusing on cloud computing with Microsoft Azure, the Windows Mixed Reality platform, and their interest in artificial intelligence (AI).

The company’s emphasis on these matters contributed to their market value as compared to putting more focus on Windows, showing how the company under CEO Satya Nadella has been doing something progressive.

Apple is still on top spot with with a $923 billion market cap while Amazon is in second spot with a market cap of $782 billion.

Despite being in the second spot, Amazon is reportedly still investing in its long term strategy and has been spending its potential profit back for the company’s growth leaving Apple, making more money in the last quarter than the value Amazon has made since it started.

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