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FedEx introduces autonomous ‘SameDay Bot’ for short-range deliveries

FedEx recently unveiled one of its latest robot innovations, an autonomous delivery robot called FedEx SameDay Bot which can travel independently and can make same day and last mile deliveries to their customers.

In a report by Engadget, FedEx SameDay Bot uses the same technology found in mobility device iBot and will feature pedestrian-safe tech, multiple cameras, LiDAR and machine learning which will help the bot detect and avoid obstacles, as well as navigate uneven surfaces.

In a video shared by FedEx on YouTube, FedEx SameDay Bot demonstrated its capability to stop when traffic lights switch to red and when it detects an object getting on its way.

It could also climb up stairs and curbs with its multiple pairs of wheels.

FedEx SameDay Bot also has a way of communicating to people through its screens on its front which says “hello” and on the back, indicating details about its travel and a “thank you” message when package has been delivered.

FedEx SameDay Bot will be initially tested in a number of areas, including Memphis, Tennessee, and between FedEx offices.

Companies such as AutoZone, Pizza Hut, Target and Walmart are also eyed to participate in the initial testing.

(Photo source: YouTube – FedEx)