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Samsung preloads McAfee antivirus software for smart TV

Samsung is partnering with McAfee to bring its antivirus software which will be preloaded on the Korean company’s smart TV lineup produced for this year.

According to a report published by, Samsung announced that McAfee signed a contract for the pre-installment of its “McAfee Security for TV” software on all Samsung Smart TVs produced in 2019.

While many consider antivirus software as ‘bloatware’, Samsung claims that McAfee’s TV security will be capable of identifying and removing malware.

Samsung’s smart TVs are also run by its custom Linux-based Tizen OS.

Samsung and McAfee have previously worked together in various products since 2017. One of their recent partnerships is for the Samsung Galaxy S10 where McAfee’s ‘anti-malware protection’ is pre-installed.

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