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Financial News Reader to Hit App Stores This Month

A new financial news reader application developed by London-based digital marketing agency M6, Ltd. is set to launch on July 22 in Manila, Philippines, the company revealed.

Called Born2Invest, the application aims to dominate a niche market that is currently overrun by general news readers and enterprise applications. Its key differentiators, however, is its unique and uncluttered interface, proven and diversified five-pronged revenue model, as well as strategy for content delivery that involves the curation and aggregation of news from the world’s most trusted sources.

Instead of trying to hit all notes in a news reader, Born2Invest focuses on one thing: showing users must-read content from top financial news sources such as Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, Bloomberg, Reuters, TheStreet, Benzinga, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as custom stories published on its content delivery network,

Because the application only covers select news outfits, the reader won’t be overwhelmed. The reader also has an option to customize his or her news feed by category, which include Mining, Real Estate, Tech and Media. Readers will only see a news story once, no matter if it’s trending or not.

“In a world in which readers are overwhelmed by a maelstrom of constantly updated business news, the need for human filters and a curatorial voice has never been greater,” stated M6 in its investor deck. “Curation is where the value lies in improving the organization and usefulness of daily news flow.”

The company employs business news curators from all corners of the globe who will “serve Born2Invest’s business news summaries to readers from within a single app and in any language.” It takes pride in its strong client and advertiser base that have enlisted its top-notch services for lead generation and new investor acquisition.

M6 sees the app taking a larger role in emerging economies where audiences are starved for resources relating to business news and financial inclusion. Emerging economies, too, are an attractive market for the company as smart phone use in these places are growing at a rapid pace.

“The emerging market opportunity is specifically attractive to M6 as we intend to build a foundation of loyal users in specific markets where customer acquisition costs are relatively low while our ability to monetize those same users is high,” the company said.

Born2Invest’s patented mobile technology and content are fully owned by M6. The application will be made available in 150 markets and 54 languages within the next two years. M6’s management predicts that the application will be downloaded 900,000 times within a year of its launch.

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