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Fujitsu Offers Free Access to IPR to Support Fight Against COVID-19

Fujitsu Limited today announced that as part of its ongoing efforts to mitigate the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will commit to the “Open COVID Pledge,” which promotes free access to participants’ intellectual property rights for activities aimed at ending the global spread of the disease.

In committing to the Open COVID Pledge, which originated in the US, Fujitsu has declared that it will not assert its patents, utility models, or designs against individuals or entities for a certain period of time and will not seek any consideration or compensation for such activities. Fujitsu has also endorsed and declared its involvement with the “OPEN COVID-19 DECLARATION,” a similar initiative in Japan.

Through its commitment to these pledges, Fujitsu will contribute decisively to an early end to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free access to approximately 40,000 patents, utility models, design patents (including pending applications) related to the development of new drugs and patient care, and actively promote cross-industry utilization by companies and research institutions around the world in the spirit of global cooperation and human centric innovation.

Declaration of Fujitsu’s Pledge
Open COVID Pledge (126 KB/A4, 2 pages)
Declaration of support for measures against new coronavirus infections (138 KB/A4, 3 pages)

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