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Galaxy Note 7 fires were caused by bad batteries, says Samsung

Following months of investigation, Samsung on Monday (January 23, 2017) revealed the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents.

According to Samsung’s findings, the Galaxy Note 7 fires were caused by two faulty batteries. The first battery used on initial Galaxy Note 7 units had a deflected negative electrode in its upper-right corner. The negative electrode was also incorrectly placed.

Meanwhile, the second battery used on replacement units had a manufacturing issue which resulted in the penetration of the insulation tape and separator which then caused direct contact between the positive tab with the negative electrode. In addition, Samsung found that some batteries were missing insulation tape.

In response to the Galaxy Note 7 incidents, Samsung said that it has added new and enhanced safety measures including the 8-Point Battery Safety Check, enhanced multi-layer safety measures protocol, and the formation of a battery advisory group consisting of academic and research experts.

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