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Gartner says worldwide PC shipment suffered fifth straight year of decline in 2016

Research firm Gartner on Wednesday (January 11, 2017) said that the PC market suffered worldwide shipment decline anew in 2016.

According to the firm’s report, PC shipments in 2016 totaled 269.7 million units, a 6.2 percent decline from 2015. PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2016 also suffered a 3.7 percent decline with 72.6 million units shipped in the said period.

Gartner notes that PC shipments have declined annually since 2012, marking the fifth straight year of worldwide PC shipment decline.

The firm believes that the decline could be attributed to the fact that a large number consumers have a high dependency on smartphones so they tend to stretch PC life cycles longer.

Even though the firm sees growth opportunities within the PC market, the firm still expects the said market to decline in 2017.

Lenovo remained the no.1 PC company with 21.7 percent market share. The market leader was followed by HP, Dell, Asus, Apple, and Acer.

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