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Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google; expresses concerns over AI tech

Geoffrey Hinton, a top expert in artificial intelligence, has left his job at Google due to concerns about the potential dangers of the technology he helped create. Hinton was instrumental in developing computer systems that use brain-like networks to learn and make decisions.

He worked at Google for many years but has now become worried about the impact of AI on jobs and society. Hinton believes that AI is advancing much faster than he and others anticipated, which is a cause for concern.

Hinton wants to speak out publicly about the risks of AI, even though this may affect Google. Others in the tech industry have also expressed concerns about AI, such as the possibility of AI-powered chatbots spreading misinformation and causing job losses.

Some have even called for a halt to the development of the most powerful AI systems, citing significant risks to society and humanity.

Despite these concerns, many tech companies continue to invest heavily in AI. Hinton’s decision to leave Google and raise awareness about the potential dangers of AI is a significant development in this ongoing debate.

(Photo source: Instagram – @firstmagzine)