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Globe launches 1st fully integrated cloud-based Wide Area Network in PH

New game-changing technology set to help businesses expand and grow

February 13, 2018 – Globe Telecom today introduces another game-changing technology for businesses in the Philippines which would enable them to move better and expand faster using a corporate data network that is affordable and easy to deploy yet remains secure, reliable, and efficient.

The new technology called Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is being pioneered in the Philippines by Globe Business, the information and communications technology arm of Globe. It is designed to allow local enterprises drive rapid growth and achieve international competitiveness as well as bring Globe closer to realizing first world connectivity in the country.

“We continue to modernize and expand our corporate data network, ensuring that it is future-ready to offer businesses the services and solutions they need even in remote areas in the country. SD-WAN revolutionizes how corporate data networks in the Philippines are defined. It would enable us to reach places we’ve never been before, capitalizing on both our broadband and corporate data network,” said Gil Genio, Globe Chief Technology and Information Officer.

SD-WAN is a cutting edge technology that simplifies the way enterprises and growing businesses manage and expand their corporate network. It utilizes a plug-and-play device leveraging on cloud-based technology that can be easily installed and configured as long as there is fixed broadband connectivity.

Genio pointed out that SD-WAN is a service primarily created for businesses as it ensures faster deployment, business agility, and enhanced visibility to empower enterprises to manage their network operations. Businesses which choose to use this service will enjoy a better understanding of infrastructure and IT traffic flows; a faster, simpler, and more secure way of setting up new branches; and greater control over network and business requirements.

Globe SD-WAN complements a company’s existing Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) connections. This capability lets enterprises adapt to relevant scenarios or address customers’ needs anytime. Companies can also experience optimal connectivity through automated rerouting of traffic across the most efficient routes and connections.

For instance, banks with multiple branches and automated teller machines (ATMs) nationwide can now build secure, reliable, and efficient network connections with Globe SD-WAN. Banks can run real-time applications and transactions on multiple connections to their branches and ATMs that leverage on an intelligent system. Should a link fail, applications on bank transactions and operations will continue to run using all available bandwidth in the other connections to ensure business continuity.

Companies can also re-route to SD-WAN non-mission critical activities such as video conferencing calls, emails, live video streaming, among others to free up bandwidth from the corporate data network.

“Globe SD-WAN is one of the solutions that will bolster our efforts in providing better, faster, simpler, and more reliable connectivity for businesses in the Philippines. It opens up opportunities for businesses to do more and be more. Making businesses flourish is part of our thrust to become the Trusted Business Advisor. We provide businesses with the right technologies, build better infrastructure, and share best business practices and know-how,” said Peter Maquera, Globe SVP for Enterprise Group.

Moreover, Globe Telecom’s commitment to create intelligent cities and an internet superhighway is further manifested through its efforts to make Globe SD-WAN available in the market.

Over the years, Globe has accelerated the introduction of innovative products and solutions to provide wonderful experiences for its customers. In 2017 alone, Globe fired up its investment in the SEA-US Cable system providing redundancy in international cable facilities and ensuring ample supply for the country’s growing bandwidth needs for years to come

The company is also aggressively growing wireline internet adoption and has successfully rolled out more than one million broadband lines ahead of schedule, placing it at half point of its goal of rolling out two million new broadband lines by 2020.