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Globe myBusiness Academy offers free training for aspiring entrepreneurs

Aspiring retail and personal services entrepreneurs now get free access to business and training tools through the enhanced Globe myBusiness Academy Program. Business owners of retail brands, spas, salons, and the like will get to engage with industry experts to gain more insights that will help them stay competitive in the market.

Globe myBusiness Academy is a program for existing or new business owners to learn from more experienced colleagues and experts important tips and business advice. In partnership with Manila Workshops, they will develop and provide free training in the arts, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, personal development, and finance, among others to independent business owners.

Globe myBusiness Senior Advisor Derrick Heng said that those interested in attending future sessions can expect the same diversity in the choice of workshop topics. “There’s more than one way to provide sustainable livelihood. Employment is one avenue, but empowering entrepreneurs is equally effective, and perhaps even more so,” said Heng. “This program with Manila Workshops is our way of helping those who wish to strike out on their own. With the right training, these budding entrepreneurs can go a long way” Heng added.