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Google introduces cloud gaming platform Stadia

Google has unveiled its cloud-based game streaming service called Stadia which lets users play games in various devices without the need for specialized hardware.

In a report by XDA, Stadia can stream games on almost all devices via internet and the “console” is essentially their centralized servers and data centers.

Given that, users will be able to save their progress and sync it across platforms without having to wait for installs or downloads.

Apart from the service itself, google also introduced Stadia Controller which is not necessarily needed for the service but includes special features that will give users a different kind of experience.

The controller can be connected to Google’s servers over WiFi which provides low-latency, lag-free experience and features a built-in Google Assistant button and a Share button which lets users upload sessions directly to YouTube.

Nevertheless, standard USB controllers or a mouse and keyboard can be used to utilize the service.

The launching of the service is yet to be announced but it is expected to be rolled out in the US, Canada, and most of Europe this year.

(Photo source: YouTube – Stadia)