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Robots set to assist event goers at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Human Support Robot (HSR) and Delivery Support Robot (DSR) are set to have an appearance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as they will help event goers, especially wheelchair users at the games.

According to a report by, Japan’s Olympics organizing committee announced its Tokyo 2020 Robot Project which seeks to provide robotic assistants to assist during the Tokyo Olympics.

HSR, a meter-high wheel-based robot features a robotic arm and hand that can grab objects in high places or pick items from the ground can act as guide to event goers and lead them to entrances and exits or facilities inside the sports venue.

Meanwhile, DSR which is also wheel-based can act as delivery robot for guests with disabilities when they order snacks and other items via an app on a tablet or smartphone.

Officials are planning to deploy 16 HSRs and around 10 DSRs during the event.

Panasonic also showed the latest version of its power assist suit which provides back and hip support to help wearers perform lifting tasks without fear of injury.

The company also plans to use 20 of the suits at the Olympics which can assist in lifting tasks including helping visitors with their luggage.

Toyota’s Minoru Yamauchi said: “We have been looking at how we can support the daily lives of people, and how we can develop robots that can partner with daily life. In the Tokyo Olympics, there will be many guests in wheelchairs and we would like them to enjoy the Games without worrying about their mobility.”

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