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Google might soon let users search with a screenshot

Google is reportedly developing “Smart Screenshots” which combines the two mobile screen-related features, “Edit & Share screenshots” and “What’s on my Screen,” which might let users perform a search through the use of the new option ‘Lens’.

In an article published by Engadget, the latest version of the Google 10.61 app features “Smart Screenshots” which brings up an updated toolbar when users take a screenshot.

By selecting Lens, users can perform various actions such as search, do optical character recognition (OCR) or find visually similar items. Current annotating, cropping and sharing with the current editing tools will meanwhile remain as they are.

However, it is not clear whether the new Lens function will only work for screenshots taken in Google Search or for all screenshots in general.

The report stated that the feature likely that it will likely become a replacement for screen search the same way that Lens has taken over from other Google Assistant functions.

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