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Lenovo launches new IdeaPad and YOGA ultrabooks in the Philippines

Global innovation and technology leader Lenovo released today the latest ultrathin, ultralight devices in its popular IdeaPad and YOGA lines in the Philippines, designed for consumers who want to maximize power and performance for both work and play. The new ultrabooks have arrived in the Philippines immediately after being launched at one of the world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics, IFA Berlin 2019.

“The Philippines will experience firsthand the powerful productivity of the latest IdeaPad and YOGA ultrabooks, supported by portable form factors and elegant design. These devices assure a seamless experience, critical in powering through today’s digitally driven world regardless if it’s for work or play,” said Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan.

Lenovo is launching a total of 10 IdeaPad and YOGA devices in the Philippines, with several offering variants in different specifications. These include the IdeaPads S130, S145, S340, S540, and C340, and the YOGAs S740, S940, C640, C740, and C940. In line with the company’s makeover of its consumer devices last year, all of the upcoming IdeaPad and YOGA devices are ultrabooks – powerful laptops that are less than 20mm thick and weigh less than 2kg. Also, by equipping the upcoming IdeaPad and YOGA ultrabooks with SSDs, Lenovo is the first and only brand to carry a 100% Modern PC Ultrabook lineup.

Enhanced performance and productivity at lightning-fast speeds

A key feature shared by most of the upcoming ultrabooks is powerful performance delivered by 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Ice Lake or Comet Lake processors. According to Intel, the processor’s new architecture can handle 18% more instructions per clock than the previous generation. In addition, they can deliver 16% more performance gains and enable 41% more productivity and multitasking on Office 365 than the previous generation chips.