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Google now lets users access Android Messages from the web

Google is rolling one of its most-requested features as they bring Android Messages to the web, letting users send texts, as well as stickers, emoji, and attached images.

In a report by, Google is letting users access their Android messages from their desktop and laptop once the functionality arrives on their device.

Users have to tap the More options menu with the three vertical dots in the Android Messages app and select “Messages for web.” Then they may head over to to scan the QR code using the app.

Aside from sending text messages, users can also search and send GIFs by hitting the “+” icon. Smart response feature also give response suggestions and web links can be previewed before they’re opened.

The app also lets users copy one-time passwords or verification codes from sites such as banks.

The system works with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Though the feature is recommended to be used over Wi-Fi, it can also work over cellular data.

Android Messages for the web is part of Google’s initiatives towards supporting Chat, its RCS-based messaging service with its hopes of replacing traditional SMS.

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