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Google transforms Gmail with a new web interface

Google is set to give Gmail a make over as it will be launching an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for a new Gmail web interface and new features.

As reported by, Google will be giving users a fresh, clean Gmail look on the web, a new feature called Smart Reply which will suggest template replies based on the e-mail you received, a snooze e-mail option, and an easy access to G Suite apps.

However, with such transformation, some Chrome extensions might not work with the new Gmail version.

Given that, Google suggests users to test critical Chrome extensions before enabling the updated Gmail version and request an update to developers for non-functioning extensions.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user shared a sketch of the possible Gmail interface to TechChrunch after reportedly spotting a Google employee in a public transport who was then illustrating the new design.

He said: “The left-side column was more like and the right side was an enlarged version of Gmail. The color in the background had a blue-ish gradient. Every folder on the left had an icon just like Inbox and dividers to split the categories.”

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