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Google’s algorithm can predict heart disease just by scanning your eyes

Google has a new development in their machine learning, its algorithm has the ability to predict if a person is in risk for heart disease by just looking at their eyes. Google’s medical technology subsidiary created a software that will scan the back of the patient’s eyes and it will guess their age, blood pressure and smoking habits which then those information can be used to predict the patient’s risk for heart problems.

In traditional methods, a blood test will be required and the process can take up to weeks to see the results, in which Google’s case will be almost instant and does not require any blood work with the new optical scan.

The technology used is called “Retinas Fundus Photography” and it is roughly 70 percent accurate comparing it to the 72 percent accuracy in traditional methods although more research is needed.

For more details of this, a research was published in Nature’s Biomedical Engineering journal.

(Photo source: YouTube – Craig B / Photo Illustration Getty Images)