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Google’s upcoming Android version is called ‘Nougat’

Google recently revealed that the next version of its mobile operating system will bear the name Nougat.

This was confirmed after the tech company’s official twitter account retweeted Android’s post which said that Nougat is the official name of the upcoming Android, beating out other popular names such as Nutella, Nerds, and Nutter Butter.

Back in March, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the SVP of Android, Chrome and Chrome OS, said that the Android N may be known as Android Nutella. However, the company still had not decided on a name during its last I/O developer conference and instead asked the public for suggestions.

Many expected that Google will once again partner with a major brand for a name after collaborating with KitKat for the name of Android 4.4.

Aside from this, the tech company also revealed that the official statue design for Android Nougat will feature an Android character standing atop of sweet and sugary nougats.

Story source: Android twitter account