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Hackers rob millions of dollars from US and Global Banks

More than a hundred banks in thirty countries have been hacked by cybercriminals costing more than $300 million cash stolen beginning late 2013. During the investigation, it was reported that the cybercriminals uses malware to conduct one of the biggest bank heists in the history. The banks that were attacked are located in Russia, Japan, the United States and Europe.

In the report of Kaspersky Lab cited by the New York Times, the malware penetrated the computers of the banks. The cybercriminals lurked for months in the computer system to learn the bank procedures and how they can control it to steal money. They become successful, and they were able to transfer money into their fraudulent bank accounts, use e-payments system to transfer money in fraudulent accounts overseas and direct ATMs to dispense money at a specific time and location.

The banks involved in the incident have not provided any comment about the heist yet.

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