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Harnessing the power of mobile with Yondu

As more Filipinos use their smartphones to access information on the go, there is now a greater challenge for local businesses to maintain mobile presence to connect with the consumers.

This situation prompted Yondu, one of the top IT and mobile solution providers in the Philippines, to come out with an extensive range of mobile services to help enterprises further grow their business through maximum reach and exposure.

“Customers nowadays are always online and always mobile so products and services need to meet them there,” said Ramon Hirang, Yondu Head for Mobile Content, Applications, and Services.

For companies seeking to bring their businesses to the next level, Yondu is offering Mobile360, a mobile platform that provides the functionality that enterprises need to set up, configure and manage custom mobile applications for their business requirements.

“Independent developers don’t have access to the resources of telcos such as billing, and delivery of messages and content. Mobile360 allows companies, developers, and content creators to leverage the power of mobile. By running their apps through our platform, they gain immediate reach to about 90 million mobile phone users in the country,” Hirang said.

Hirang added that small and medium enterprises should also consider mobile apps as a means to acquire and engage customers and generate income and not look at it as an additional business cost they can do without.

“The truth is mobile apps are actually more cost-efficient than traditional forms of promoting products and services,” he said. “Mobile360 has step-by-step builder features, allowing businesses even those who are developers to build the app themselves. Instead of taking months, it can be up and running in no time, minimizing costs and man hours.”

At the same time, Yondu has given equal attention to feature phone users which comprise a big chunk of the Philippine market.

For this sector, Yondu offers numerous SMS- and MMS-based campaigns — from games, information-on-demand, music content such as personalized ringtones, and ready-to-use apps which businesses can tap so as not to miss out on potential customers.

“There are still a lot of business opportunities in traditional value-added services. For instance, despite the decline in popularity of text messaging, it is still an effective tool for customer relationship management as it ensures that the target market sees a company’s updates immediately without getting lost in a busy social media feed. It also allows businesses to reach out to consumers in areas with poor Wi-Fi connection,” Hirang pointed out.

While there are a variety of ways for brands to reach their target market depending on their customers’ needs and mobile behavior, Yondu is the only technology partner that businesses need to gain competitive advantage.

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