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Hi-tech gloves translate sign language into text and speech


Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi, students of the University of Washington, invented these gloves, which translates American Sign Language (ASL) into speech in real time. This means that people who are deaf or mute that use ASL to communicate will be able to “speak” through this device.

This puts the deaf-mute community out of disadvantage which inspired the two to invent and develop the gloves that translates sign language into text and speech, help the said community to communicate better with the rest of the world without changing how they interact with each other by simply putting the pair of gloves.

Gloves Details

According to an article published by BuzzFeed, the gloves work by utilizing sensors on the hand and on the wrist to measure hand position and hand movements, the gloves, then sense it and sends it to the computer via Bluetooth for processing. Once the computer recognizes and interprets the sign, it then uploads the corresponding word or phrase in both text and speech instantly.

There are about 70 million deaf-mute people in the world who use ASL and more than 70 billion people on this planet, this device revolutionizes the way these two communities understand and interact with each other. Now, these deaf-mute people can gain opportunities they thought they’d never have.