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HP Ink Tank’s 2-year home service warranty assures reliable business operations

Sometimes, pieces of office equipment can show signs of the need for maintenance and repairs when the manufacturer’s one-year warranty has elapsed. This may spell disaster that could disrupt business operations.

HP understands this dilemma and is offering a 2-year onsite warranty for its HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 All-In-One printer. Customers can just call the HP Ink Tank Service hotline at +632772-5060 to report the usage problem.

As the first step to troubleshooting, an HP agent will call the customer to diagnose the problem and guide them in resolving the issue. Sometimes, there are buttons that are only needed to be pushed to make the printer work.

If this doesn’t work out, a Partner Engineer or an HP Engineer will visit the customer’s registered address to take a look at the printer and fix the problem onsite.

If the printer is deemed beyond repair, the customers will get an on-site “good-as-new” replacement of the HP Ink Tank Wireless as part of the 2-year home service warranty, which is valid starting from the purchase date.

HP has always anticipated customer problems and has created programs that will ensure the continuous reliability of its printers and other equipment, whether at the office or even at home.

To purchase the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 All-In-One with a 2-year home service warranty, please visit authorized HP resellers nationwide.